Checkmyrota helps you to efficiently plan the shift for your employees, even if you have a huge
employee base. Checkmyrota is a very efficient portal for employee scheduling. An employee scheduling software is required for every industry regardless of whether it is about managing the employee service schedule in a retail store, in a professional service, restaurants, cafes, bars, coffee shops, health care and medical, technology and software, colleges, universities, schools, catering events, or at hotels and resorts.
Come Up With a Shift Plan at checkmyrota.com
Production planning is never complete without predictive employee scheduling. It is a nice experience to be able to build the schedule of a whole week in just a few minutes. When employee schedules are notified using a single click, there is no need for employees to ring up to the supervisor asking for details of schedules. Therefore, employees need to be notified instantly about how and when they have been scheduled for work. To be able to notify employees, you need to first of all come up with a shift plan.

Login to Checkmyrota.com

To start off with the shift plan, you need to decide the work hours for your employees. This can be
about scheduling shift work hours, rotating shifts, night shifts, or set schedule working hours.
To log in to Checkmyrota you have to:
  • Open the URL https://www.checkmyrota.com/
  • You will see a form that says Please Sign In
  • Enter the store number
  • Enter the employee number
  • Click on the log in button
  • You will be able to verify the updated schedule details
You will gain access to the dashboard of the app. The staff will be able to gain access to the details of
their work schedules either as:
  1. Schedule of events
  2. Calendar view
Being a staff you will be able to access the log in from anywhere anytime by using your store number
and employee number once you are registered to be a user of the app. This app is license free and it has been created by an Argo employee.

Checkmyrota App

]Access to checkmyrota.com portal has been made easy by the launch of checkmyrota app. Checkmyrota app is advantageous because employees and employers will be on the same page of
communication when it comes to shift schedules. In cases where the employee might not be able to
show up for a scheduled shift, it provide an opportunity for them to stay communicated to their
supervisor or employer after checking the shift notification. Creating some flexibility in terms of
rescheduling the shift timing will be possible for the employer without having to worry about it in the
last minute. Planning becomes very efficient. The employee as well might not feel forced to show up
during work hours when they are actually in need of a work off.

Checkmyrota App helps in sorting out a range of scheduling issues. Overlapping shifts are the most
difficult to schedule from the point of view of the employer and it gets to be very easy when this
particular app is used.