Mobile App

The Checkmyrota portal has also done a great job of attracting many customers. Payroll accounting is not easy. There are many payroll systems for companies, but checkmyrota has won over customers. Before joining, all companies manually delivered printed pay slips to their customers, which was time consuming for employers.


Details Of Mobile App

Recruiting agencies, B2B clients and MSPs actively use our technology to reduce costs, increase efficiency and grow their businesses.

Manage your employees wherever they are:

  • Our CheckMyRota web and mobile app let you manage, publish, receive and adjust shifts quickly while on the go.
  • Improve employee engagement with our state-of-the-art app, employees participate, receive and request/accept features from their phones.
  • Simplify your onboarding: Allow employees to check in and manage themselves with a secure invite.
  • Automatically notify employees of booked, accepted, and pending shifts
  • Send transparent messages to your employees/temps via CheckMyRota app notifications, SMS or email.
  • Maximize productivity by publishing roles and requirements in seconds.
  • Easily assign tasks to specific groups of employees or individuals. Alternatively, you can open roles to the wider contributor as needed and in the desired configuration.


  • Leverage our smart assignment technology to dramatically improve agency and contingent worker compliance and employee quality.
  • Quickly coordinate your teams centrally or locally across the enterprise with clear, real-time insight and the ability to manage, update, modify, and schedule.

Based on the developed procedure, it verifies the identity of users using the employee number and the agency number. To understand or know how to register with mobile app, the following steps are your answer.

  • Visit to access the Ruta Argos portal.
  • The above link will redirect you to the Rota login page.
  • Enter your branch number and employee number here.
  • check my route
  • check my route
  • Now click Connect to continue.
  • Finally, you can access your Argos Rota account.