Frequently Asked Questions is relatively popular, safe, and basically suitable for all age groups. Checkmyrota is a data-driven online technology that runs in a web browser. Argo employees use this portal to verify related information. The checkmyrota portal has also done a great job and won many customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check the schedule or postponement of my trip?

One of the features of the Argos connection gives users the ability to post their turn on Check My Route. Remember that verifying your booking connection is extremely important. Now you know the crucial step to take to visualize your route. Then the method to verify my move successfully is briefly mentioned below;

  • Access the Rota Login Portal at
  • Enter your branch and employee number.
  • Then tap Connect.
  • Once logged in, click on My Calendar/My Service.
  • Below is your general Argos schedule.

I’m an Argos employee, can I see my itinerary on my smartphone? If yes, how?

Yes, you can check your route on your smartphone. The Checkmyrota portal and app are available for all types of smartphones.

What are the steps to get my pay slip?

Any Argos employee can view their Argos pay slip once they successfully log in to So the answer to the question was answered in one word. However, if you still need clarification, please read the instructions below.

  • Visit
  • Enter the branch number and employee number. Then tap Connect.
  • After a successful login, click on the Payroll/Payroll option.
  • Select week/month and year.
  • Then click on Show Details.
  • Finally, you can consult the details of your Argos payslip.

My itinerary includes times that are not multiples of 15 minutes. How can I check my route?

We, who anticipate most routes, will include times based on multiples of 15 minutes. However, if you receive a route at different times, you can send it to our construction consultants who will review it for you.