The Argo Check My Rota ID is mandatory for any user wishing to access their Check MyRota Argos account. Therefore, to verify your incoming CheckMyRota Argos payments or your Rota Mi Turno checks, you cannot skip the entry process.


Know Various Features Of The Login Portal

  • Gain Transparency And Control.
  • Manage digital timesheets, zones, start and end dates efficiently and digitally in the CheckMyRota app.
  • Quickly control check-ins and check-outs via mobile apps using different methods: PIN, QR, geolocation.
  • Easily approve and edit timesheets, or set up time-based auto-acceptance. The approved schedule can even be adjusted later on and payroll can be prepared.
  • Qualify the appropriate personnel to ensure that employees are of the highest quality for the job.
  • Access based on user permissions and roles configured the way you want to manage your employees.

Ensure Company-Wide Compliance

  • Easily store, view and manage your employee documents
  • Ensure you only have compliant employees for all shifts and sessions and add additional compliance requirements specific to your business needs that go beyond standard compliance

Get Actionable Business Insights

Use information panels along the route, all configurable according to your needs

Meet your workforce in real-time to continually improve operations and maximize budgets.


Built To Help Businesses Grow

  • Quick and easy setup for customers and employees with technology designed to simplify the user experience.
  • Our cloud-based web and mobile platforms enable rapid deployment without the need for expensive IT infrastructure.
  • Scalable and reliable routing technology grows with your business needs.
  • For larger and more complex commercial clients, we have a team of experienced and dedicated consultants to work with you. We will support you throughout the project with knowledge and training and will continue to support you so that you can maximize the functionality and capabilities of the technologies.
  • For agencies: Allow your clients to book shifts for your qualified and compliant employees, or book and manage shifts on your behalf.